Suzie Vallerie

Suzie Vallerie

The Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery is home to numerous artists. carrying a wide selection of stunning hand painted needlepoint canvases. You are sure to find a piece of artwork that suits your style.

You can choose canvases from a variety of collections, such as:

America, America
DC Designs
Happy Holidays
Sea and Shore
World Affairs

To learn more about our hand-painted needlepoint designs, call VNG Canvas at 203-451-5679

Meet the mother and son needlepoint duo

Amanda Lawford and Derek Clarke are both famous needlework artists. Amanda has been infatuated with art from a young age. She preferred art class over any other subject in school, and after pursuing a short-lived career in her 20s, she turned to painting her mother's needlepoint projects. In 1985, she began work for the Royal School of Needlework in England.

Derek Clarke is the son of Amanda Lawford. He is the creator of the DC Designs collection.

View Amanda, Derek and other local artists' art in our gallery today. Questions? Call 203-451-5679 to learn more.